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Protection Measures at Wood Framing in Surrey | Wood Framing West Vancouver

Framing Contractors Surrey

It is your responsibility, whether you are a project manager at any Wood framing in West Vancouver or a site manager in House framing, to take safeguards and protect your workplace from undue hazards. J&R Dhaliwal Framing Contractors in Surrey has compiled a list of the top four measures to protect your construction site. So, you and your employees can avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Protection Points

1. Start with proper training is a good

Before beginning work on the building site, all personnel must hold a safety kit. In addition, each employee must complete site-specific induction training to identify high-risk regions and deliver emergency management instructions.


2. Reduce and manage risk

Because of the nature of the building and house framing activity, it is impossible to eliminate all safety risks. However, many security issues can be avoided by conducting a number of security audits and setting up appropriate procedures for identifying, assessing and responding to potential threats.

3. Website safety

Restricted access to the site alone should not be applied to protect goods from damage or theft. Workplace safety is an important component in protecting pedestrians from potential hazards. This includes tracking visitors who have accessed the site. In case of a security incident or breach, strict security measures help insulate framing contractor in Surrey from liability and carelessness.

4. Evaluation of a safe working method

Before any high-risk construction project can begin, a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) through any house framing in West Vancouver must be adopted. The scope of work, any safety hazards, and how to avoid and manage risk should all be described in the SWMS. Construction work can only begin after the SWMS standards have been met, according to the law.

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