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About Us

Leading Framing Contractor in Surrey | Victoria | Nanaimo | Vancouver

A recent construction company on the Canadian construction scene, J & R Dhaliwal Construction is an up-and-coming trendsetting construction company located in Surrey, British Colombia. With an experienced and professional team of constructors, we strive to provide our clients and customers with the highest level of services.

Adapting to Change

As lifestyles change constantly, so do your construction needs as spaces need to be refurbished to keep up with the change. The services we provide ensure that your life and schedule are not disrupted, and no chaos is caused. Our team follow strict ethical and moral codes to provide you with an unmatched degree of professionalism. For a fresh approach to every project, J & R Dhaliwal Construction is your one stop shop.

Easy Construction like Never Before

If you’re wondering how to make the jump from old-school to modernity, contact us at J & R Dhaliwal. We handle both small-scale and large-scale projects and make the process convenient for you.

We’ve Done it All

Whether you’re building a residential or commercial from scratch or are renovating an existing space, you will be happy to know that we’ve done it all. We have the right tools, equipment, and brains for all construction and renovation projects. Building a home? Not a problem. Want to give your residential or commercial a modern look? We’ll help you. No project is too big for us. We are honest, transparent, and we do not sugarcoat anything while speaking with our clients.

You’ll be Safe with Us

We want our clients to feel safe in their new homes and offices. With the high-quality services we provide, say goodbye to worrying about anything. Our team follows all safety protocols while on site and ensure that the residential or commercial are safe and ready to use once we’re done. We clean all the debris, packaging materials, and leftover construction material, and only then do we leave the site. No toxic materials that may be harmful to humans and animals will ever be left behind by us. We recycle responsibly and carry out construction in ways that comply with existing environmental policies.

We Believe in Your Dreams

We keep our clients in the loop throughout the construction process. Once you consult with us, we will help you design your new home that will look identical to how you would have pictured it. Our mission is simple: to build you a home you will always cherish, and make memories of a lifetime in.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Unmatched and Competitive Prices: We consult with you thoroughly to understand your dream project and how to best accommodate it within your budget. We offer the most affordable construction services in Surrey, British Colombia. But don’t worry. Even though we charge less, we do not compromise in terms of quality. Rest assured that we will put our best foot forward and deliver on our promise.
  • Excellent Management and Organization: As aforementioned, we always clean up after ourselves. Additionally, we have the ability and manpower to manage multiple projects at once. We prioritize all of them, so don’t worry about us not devoting enough time to you. When we work on your project, our concentration is fixed solely on your needs. We excel at organization and time management and aim to deliver your projects well before time. We promise no hiccups along the way.
  • Nothing but Satisfaction: We consult with experts and third parties as and when required to ensure the project is going as planned, and to brainstorm about any developments that would take the project to the next level. We then discuss the ideas with clients and advise them accordingly. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied with the end-product, we will be happy to discuss further with you.

Our Extensive List of Services

Whatever you need, we’re there for you. Our services are as follows.

  • Framing: Framing wall construction, which requires a certain level of expertise, lies in our purview. It is one of our core services as our team has served the residential and commercial sector time and again. Our framing service is the highest in terms of quality, safety, and durability. We create drawings and blueprints in consultation with our clients and pay extra attention to measurements.
  • Forming: We match international standards when it comes to our forming services. For performance-oriented buildings, our team was one of the first teams in Canada to adopt foam concrete as a construction material. It is easy to build, isn’t time consuming, and saves homeowners and office owners a lot of money. It is also long-lasting and will make any building more durable and weather resistant.
  • Renovating: We can renovate at any scale, whether you want to renovate your whole home, single room, or a garden space. We dedicate all our time to ensuring the project meets your standards. We use the finest materials available to accomplish our goal. Our renovation team has several years of experience under their belt and are highly skilled to meet changing lifestyle trends.


Implementing the latest and tested methodologies, materials and technologies to drive the top-quality construction results


Professional and experienced-based construction services to ensure no onsite injuries and projects delivered to last a lifetime


Pursuing a fresh approach to every project to make it impressive, effective and apt for what the present and the future demand

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