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Understanding Framing and its Complexity

Once the foundation is poured, laid, and dried, the next step is to frame the structure. The construction crew creates a framework of the building, which includes beams, trusses, walls, partitions, floors, ceilings, doorways, and window openings and panels. While the process may seem overwhelming and daunting, our professional Framing Contractors in Surrey ensures that a proper logical order is followed that makes management easier.

Leave it to us to lay your home or office’s foundation and build a framework that will have you gasping in awe. Our team has worked on several framing projects, which is why we have the right level of expertise to handle all framing jobs. Having served both the residential and commercial sectors for their framing needs, we are ready to take on any project that comes our way. We value quality, safety, and durability above everything else, so rest assured that our workers will bring you a home you will love while keeping your family safe.

Custom Wood Framing in Surrey

Framing is one of the most exciting stages of any construction project. It requires a certain level of creativity, craftsmanship, and thinking process. It is here that the building begins to take its shape. Think of framing as the skeleton of the building. What the clients and builders envisioned is brought to life during this stage.

We have the right equipment and manpower to handle all framing types. All framing projects require three core materials: wood, steel, and concrete. Framing is divided into two types, and we have completed past projects which required both types.

  • Light Frame Construction: This particular type involves the use of multiple small and closely spaced components that are assembled together by nailing. Two prime examples of light frame construction are bathhouses and barracks. These require only light frame construction. There are also three subcategories under light frame construction, namely western, balloon frame, and braced. Contact us today to learn more about the different subcategories and what your project may require.
  • Heavy Construction: In this method, large and heavy timbers are used to build permanent structures. It is also referred to as ‘post and beam construction.’ Heavy construction is highly durable, quick to build, more thermally efficient, and produces lesser waste and has a lower carbon footprint. Many monuments and buildings in Europe that were constructed over 500 years ago are still standing in top-notch condition. A majority of these surviving buildings were built using heavy construction framing.

Quick, Efficient, Hassle-free

On average, the Wood Framing step of the project can take up to a month and a half or two months to finish. The only thing that can slow us down is harsh weather. Our team of experts won’t let anything stand in their way. Regardless of which framing type your project requires, our workforce will handle it with ease. While we promise to finish the job quickly and in an efficient manner, rest assured that you will be provided with nothing but the highest quality of craftsmanship. You will not be hassled, and your regular routine will not be disturbed.

Consulting with You

We have always emphasized on the fact that we are in the business of making dreams come true. We want to provide you with nothing but the best home or office that you will cherish forever. For this reason, we always consult with the client at every step of the way. Regardless of the client’s knowledge about construction or their expertise in the field, we explain each step-in detail and ensure that they understand. You deserve to know what you’re investing your money in, and we vow to always be transparent and forthcoming with you.

How Does it Happen?

Framing, much like every other part of construction, requires detailed diagrams, drawings, and blueprints. Once we have consulted with the client, our engineers begin drawing up plans, visualizing what the client has described. Next, we decide on the type of framing the project demands. Light framing is primarily used for residential structures, while heavy framing is often used in the commercial sector.

Our constructors and engineers carry out a thorough inspection of the construction site in order to understand the measurements and desired functionality. We then choose the required materials, all while consulting with the client and keeping their budget in mind. Our attention to detail has been applauded time and again as no fault has ever been found while designing floors, ceilings, etc.

Best Framing Contractors in your Local Area

While you may have plenty of Framing contractors in Surrey and companies at your disposal, you should choose us, and here is why.

  • Competitive Prices: We offer unmatched and competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else in Surrey, British Columbia. We consult with you thoroughly to understand your dream home or office. We are also able to accommodate your dream project in your budget. While our prices are low, we never compromise on quality.
  • Excellent Organization and Management: We follow all safety protocols to ensure our team and your family are safe during the process. We always clean up after ourselves and dispose of toxic materials carefully. We aim to deliver the final project well before time, but as aforementioned, we will never compromise on quality.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Throughout the process, we consult with third parties and experts and brainstorm as to how the project can be improved. We have the ability to take the project to the next level and deliver a home or office that will leave you in awe. We discuss the brainstorming ideas with our clients and customers and advise them accordingly. Once we finish the project, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the excellent job our team has done. However, if you aren’t satisfied, we will be happy to discuss further with you.

No project is too big for us. Contact us at 778-552-3270 and receive a free consultation today. Make sure you dream big, we will handle the rest.


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